Homer Price Novel Study | Perfect for Grades 1-5


  • open and go
  • includes clickable links to safe websites
  • teacher friendly
  • easy to use
  • thought provoking discussion questions
  • includes vocabulary words
  • copywork/dictation passages
  • history/geography enrichment


Homer Price Novel Study


This a Novel Study for Homer Price by Robert McCloskey and is meant for elementary and middle school aged students. The Study is broken into 6 sections, one for each chapter in the book.

Each of the sections include:

  • Chapter Overview/ Breakdown
  • Brief Chapter Summary
  • Copywork/Dictation Passage
  • Vocabulary Words
  • Research Project
  • Chapter Activities
  • Discussion Questions

The Chapter Summary, is to briefly remind the student or teacher of the events in the chapter they just read.

Copywork/Dictation Passages are a great way for the students to connect with the story. Copywork is really good for students. It improves memory, as well as penmanship. Beyond that it also familiarises students with proper spelling and grammar skills. Included are some lovely passages for students to copy.

The research projects are a great way for students to get deeper involved with the story. Research is a great skill to learn, and it is very useful throughout life. Included in the research sections are safe websites that can be used to complete the research projects.

The discussion questions  included are open-ended questions. They are not so much, ‘How long did it take for the sheriff to help Homer’ but rather ‘Why do you think it took the sheriff so long to show up’

This novel study is an open and go product. Students who tend towards independence can certainly complete this study on their own. But, as for the students who are less independent, this study is very simple and not highly teacher intensive.

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